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The Frozen Pond Pilgrimage
One Man's Journey to Attend a Professional Hockey Game in every NHL Arena
Your Spot for Cheap NHL Tickets!
If it's cheap NHL tickets that you're looking for, FrozenPondPilgrimage.com is more than happy to provide you with links and information about how to find those sometimes obscure tickets online. Whether it be through gameday scalpers or standing in line at the ticket window, Hans Steinger has done it all when it comes to the process of trying to find the cheapest NHL tickets available. Nowadays, his preferred method for the purchase of National Hockey League tickets is through online ticket brokers who make it simple and easy to buy your tickets online from a reputable source.

What you will find on this site are several links to different online ticket brokers, which all sell gameday tickets for your favorite NHL team in an easy to navigate format. These cheap NHL ticket links allow visitors to compare  prices for NHL tickets across the several online ticket broker websites allowing them to locate the best possible deal.   When shopping for NHL tickets online through private sellers (Craigslist, E-Bay), there is always the possibility of potentially purchasing counterfeit tickets. If you plan to use these types of auction sites or classified ad portals to buy NHL tickets online, it's important to note that there really is no way to Hans Steiniger at the Verizon Centerverify that you're purchasing an actual gamday ticket. Unscrupulous sellers with the savvy ability to scan, copy, and print counterfiet NHL tickets can provide customers with fakes that will not allow entry into any NHL Arena and unfortunately, once the trasnaction is made, it is the customer that's responsible for the authenticity of the ticket they're holding. Working through the online brokers recommended on this website will ultimately make this endeavor much safer and more cost effective than any other means of buying cheap NHL tickets.  Hans Steiniger stands behind the reputable brokers that are recommended on this website and uses them throughout the season to purchase his own tickets for the Frozen Pond Pilgrimage.  So feel free to buy tickets using these links knowing that there will be no counterfeit of fake tickets purchased here. 

The well-documented experiences of SuperFan Hans Steiniger in visiting every major stadium in the United States for the National Football League can be found all over the internet. It is now time for him to conquer the set of arenas that house National Hockey League teams. In order to be able to provide full, unbiased reviews of these NHL Arenas, however, he will look to purchase tickets to these individual games and this will be done through the use of the links on this site, which gives Steiniger the opportunity not only to locate these cheap NHL tickets, but also compare their prices through the various NHL ticket brokers online.
How are the prices for Cheap NHL Tickets Determined?

Madison Square Garden on the Frozen Pond PilgrimageMost of your online brokers acquire tickets through the resale market. This refers to people who purchase tickets and then sell them to a second party for a preset dollar value. Ticket brokers usually get their tickets through season ticket holders that are looking to sell their tickets for some kind of profit. Prices are typically established based on how popular that particular team is. For example, Detroit Red Wings tickets are normally priced higher than an average team's tickets simply because they have been one of the more successful teams in the league and their games are in high demand.  Being one of  the more popular teams in the NHL, translates to increased attendance at home and away.  Therefore market value for NHL tickets is based on franchise success as well as the individual matchup on gameday.  This value sets the price that tickets will go for through online brokers. 

Cheap NHL Tickets on the Frozen Pond PilgrimageThe best part of buying from Hans' reputable online ticket brokers is you get great service if something were to go wrong with your buying experience. Hans has worked extensively with the online ticket brokers that he recommends on this webiste and will work on your behalf to fix any problems that might arise at any point in the purchasing process. It is a significant advantage to have this kind of avenue in place in case anything were to happen once your tickets are ordered. These links are provided here to save you time and money, and you can shop with the confidence of knowing that these are the same ticket brokers that Hans Steinger uses to purchase his tickets for any of his Frozen Pond Pilgrimage adventures.
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